"Lisa has been my hair goddess for about 12 years now. Back before social networking sites, people used to meet up for drinks and actual face-to-face networking. Invited by a mutual friend, I went to one of these events. Since I had just moved here, I didn't have a hair salon yet. Enter lovely Lisa. She has a knack for knowing exactly what I need and I put my trust in her because she's always right. I've gone from bangs to bobs and a few other things in-between and every haircut is a work of ART. I am always proud to give a reference when I get approached on the street about my fabulous hair. That sounds haughty but I give all the credit to Lisa. Finally, further testament to my faith in her, I drive ALL the way from North Austin to see her once a month. I would drive further, but don't tell her that."

Andrea G.
Austin, Texas
"Lisa has been my stylist for over 10 years. We've done just about every hair cut and color possible and I loved it all! She knows my finicky hair and demanding life and always makes it work! I trust her explicitly and have referred her to several of my friends who are also returning clients. I even carry a stash of her cards in my wallet because inevitably someone asks who does my hair!"

Brooke A.
Austin, Texas